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  • Narayana Param Brahma — the Conclusion of the Shaastras

    श्री हरये नमः। Shri Haraye Namaha. The Naaraayana Sukta of the Krshna-Yajurveda’s Taittireeya Aaranyaka says: नारायणः परं ब्रह्म तत्त्वं नारायणः परः । Taittireeya Aaranyaka, Prapaathaka 10 (Maha-Naaraayana Upanishad), Anuvaaka 13 (Naaraayana Sukta), Mantra 4 “Naaraayana is Param Brahma, Naaraayana is the highest Tattva.” But what is not well known is that this particular vaakya is […]

  • The Lokas

    हरिः ॐ । Harihi Om. In the 10th Khanda of the Subaala Upanishad, a list of the various lokas and their dependence has been mentioned. अथ हैनं रैक्वः पप्रच्छ भगवन्कस्मिन्सर्वेसम्प्रतिष्ठिता भवन्तीति रसातललोकेष्विति होवाचकस्मिन्रसातललोका ओताश्च प्रोताश्चेति भूर्लोकेष्वितिहोवाच कस्मिन्भूर्लोका ओताश्च प्रोताश्चेतिभुवर्लोकेष्विति होवाच कस्मिन्भुवर्लोका ओताश्चप्रोताश्चेति सुवर्लोकेष्विति होवाच कस्मिन्सुवर्लोकाओताश्च प्रोताश्चेति महर्लोकेष्विति होवाच कस्मिन्महर्लोकाओताश्च प्रोताश्चेति जनोलोकेष्विति होवाच कस्मिन् जनोलोकाओताश्च प्रोताश्चेति […]

  • The Tattvas

    हरिः ॐ । Harihi Om. ‘Tattva’, literally meaning “truth” or “reality”, is a level or an element, that constitutes the objects in this material universe, as per the Shaastras. Each Tattva has a presiding devata and the devatas of superior Tattvas are superior to the devatas of the previous Tattvas. They start with the Pancha-bhutas […]